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Chaos in Ferguson. Sunday night, part 1

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Macaroni and poison. It’s like mac and cheese, but with a special ingredient.

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"There’s a deeper well of love in it….The Doctor is crazy about Clara. It’s not just about romance, it goes into deeper territory."
- Peter Capaldi


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Every scene of Veronica and Logan - 1x14: Mars vs. Mars

I’ll see what I can find out.”

Logan’s self-protective posture with the jacket KILLS ME here, but mostly what I love about this scene is this new version of their friendship that is literally forming in front of our eyes. Veronica lets Logan in, responds to him (contrast with her behavior in the pilot). Logan is respectful of V’s abilities; this is the first time he hasn’t mocked the detective thing. Even with the sad subject at hand, there is banter (“Well if she’s on TV she must be telling the truth.”). He trusts her. She lets him in. There is absolutely nothing romantic about this scene whatsoever, but there is such a relationship there. 

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thug harmony

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Shawn was one of the best friend’s in television history.

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What’s your favourite part about being a companion?

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